SAL Membership


How do I know if I’m eligible to join the Sons? Membership in this organization is established through an individual’s parents’ or grandparents’ military service.  Essentially, if your parents or grandparents are (or were) eligible to join The American Legion, you would be eligible to join the Sons of The American Legion.

How can I sign up for the Sons? You should check with someone at The American Legion Post nearest you. Lee Iten Post 439 does have a Squadron of the Sons.

I am a member of The American Legion. Can I also belong to the Sons? Yes! Many veterans who are eligible for membership in The American Legion are also eligible to join the Sons. They are very much welcome to belong to both organizations. We call these individuals dual members. They are quite often an important link between the Sons and The Legion Post in their home towns.

How much does it cost to belong to the Sons? There is no simple answer for this question. Each Squadron establishes its dues requirements. Also, many Squadrons have a reduced dues rate for youngsters. Generally speaking, annual dues normally run between $10 and $30. We have a slogan within the Sons which addresses the issue of dues: “It’s not the price you pay for membership…it’s the price your forefathers paid to make you eligible!”

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